How to trim a beard

how to trim a beard with a razor

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The best way to trim a beard is most likely your following question after how you can develop one.  Unless your strategy for facial hair would be to go complete Neanderthal, sooner or later, to keep it presentable, you are likely to have to cut it.

Our best suggestion would be to visit a barbershop to help maintain your beard, every 2-3 weeks. There are more and more barbers cropping up who specialise in beard maintenance. It would be best to search in your local area for a good quality barber, as you don’t want him hacking your beard off do you!

What about the weeks and days between trips to the seat?  And what if visiting a barber is not possible? Your facial hair will not stop growing for anybody.  It must be trimmed.  Otherwise, it is going to take over your face and likely your life.

Without further ado: The best way to trim a beard – everything you need and exactly what you require to perform maintenance to keep your facial hair looking great.

What you’ll need

  • Beard Scissors – Don’t be using your kitchen scissors, however nail scissors will be sufficient for the task at hand. A number of beard product companies sell “beard scissors” which are ultimately just nail scissors they’ve labelled as such!
  • Beard Trimmer/Clippers ­– Ideally one with various grades to give you multiple lengths that you can use on the guard. It even helps clear up the patches on your beard.
  • Beard Comb – Great to prep your beard for trimming (leave out if your beard isn’t yet long enough and replace with a beard brush.
  • Razor – for giving that razor edge around your beard line, for a crisp, fresh looking beard. You can use a safety razor or a cutthroat, or even a standard razor. Just be careful as blades are dangerous.
  • Mirror – A pretty vital requirement, this is needed so you don’t actually accidentally chop a big chunk of your beard off, no one wants that!

Before you start remember –

Don’t trim your beard too soon. Your beard needs a bit of time to grow out when it’s in it’s early stages. This is because the hair grows at varying speeds, so if you don’t give it that opportunity to grow to start with, you may very well end up with a patchy beard once trimmed. Make sure you let your beard grow for at least a month, ideally two before you start trimming.

Have an idea of the style you want you beard to take before you start trimming. You’ll be cutting away growth, so you need to what you’re going for, otherwise it’s just a waste!

Some face shapes suit different styles. We’ve written a guide on the best beard styles for different face shapes, check it out here and find your ideal look.

Do not trim your beard when it’s wet – It’ll never look the same when it’s dried.

Lets start.

Trimming the beard

Before you start shaping up, you need to know what length you want it at, so begin with trimming the beard. Start slow with your clippers (also start with the longer length, you can take more off, but you can’t stick it back on when it’s gone). Trim the beard to your desired length. You can also use scissors for this stage, however it’s a skill that is mastered with practice, so it may be best to perform when you’re a bit more savvy.

  • Comb your beard through so that it’s tidier and less all over the place
  • Attach the longest hair attachment, run the clippers slowly over your beard. You can progress down through the lengths until you get o the length you want. If you only want to tidy up, you stop at the attachment that starts hitting hairs.

Trimming the moustache

Due to the small section of your face, it’s best to use scissors at this stage.

  • Comb your moustache downwards (or stroke down with your hands) and find any stray hairs and snip them away.
  • Located the centre of your top lip and cut a small triangle at the bottom of your moustache, to give a clear middle point.
  • Comb out from the centre either side of the triangle daily to train your moustache to grow outwards, rather than down.

Trimming the neckline

Nobody likes a neck beard, and that’s why trimming the neckline is vital. It’s also a fairly difficult process to get right. You need to visualise a line that curves from behind the bottom of one ear to the top of the neck below your jaw (if you’re looking face on in the mirror) and back to the other ear.

  • Visualise the neckline we just created
  • Place two fingers above your Adams apple to find your natural neckline, anything below this can be shaved off.
  • You can then use your razor to fully shave off the hair here, and cut to the beard to create a hard line.

Trimming the cheek line

The most fluid way to straighten out the cheek line is to imagine a straight line running from the sideburn at the bottom of the ear to the point your moustache meets your beard. Everything above this can be shaved off, as above, using your razor to create a hard line.

After trim beard care

Apply beard oil on a daily basis to keep the hair moisturised and prevent irritation as it grows.

If you’d like to style your beard, then use a beard balm, or even a beard jelly, then you can shape and style it while also keeping the hair moisturised and soft.

Trimming can be a tiresome task, and even daunting at first look. However, the more you do it, the easier it gets. There’s no set way to have your beard, express yourself. Take your time, and you’ll be a fully pledged pogonophile in no time. Follow the steps we’ve detailed here, and you’ll be keeping your mane in peak condition.

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