The benefits of beard balm

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Beards are becoming ever increasingly popular as a fashion statement for men. As is the case, the sale of personal care products has shot through the roof in recent times. But before we examine the key benefits of beard balm, let’s establish the difference between beard oil and beard balm:

Beard Oil

It is essentially a conditioner which hydrates the beard and lessens the itch. It also counteracts the skin from getting flaky and irritated. The skin when flaky, clogs the pores and hinders the growth of a beard.

Beard Balm

On the other hand, beard balm is a hybrid styling aid and conditioner. As a healthy blend of beeswax, and various butters (Depending on manufacturer) and natural oils, it provides similar benefits as beard oil. However, one benefit that beard balm has over its counterpart, is that it also provides a level of hold (so you can really style your beard), with the addition of the butters, also giving it even more moisturising capabilities.

Key Benefits of Beard Balm

  1. Beard Balm safeguards the beard from dirt and dust.
  2. Keeps the beard hydrated at all times.
  3. Helps tame stray beard and moustache hairs.
  4. Makes the beard shinier, allowing the individual to look more presentable.
  5. Helps negate the spread of beardruff throughout the beard which is a dreadful prospect for a person.
  6. Stops the beard from forming split ends which often hinders beard’s growth.
  7. Keeps the beard soft, clean and promotes healthy growth.

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