Why do men have beards?

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You might have at some point in your life questioned the point of growing a beard. Many people, like children, women, and even a whole bunch of men out there manage just fine without one. So, what’s the deal with beards?

Today, we are going to address this very question in our blog, Why Do Men Have a Beard?

First of all, before tackling the reason men have beards, we need to understand what a beard actually is. A beard is a collection of facial hairs that grows on the chin, necks and lower cheeks of humans, excluding the moustache. Mostly, it is the adult male who is able to grow a beard, but the phenomenon is not exclusive to humans. In fact, mammals as a rule are very hairy creatures, and chimps and gorillas – our close primate cousins – are way hairier than humans.

In addition, as compared to other primates, men and women on average appear quite different from each other, and one of the reasons is the former’s wealth of facial hair. To tell you the truth, both men and women have facial hair. However, only the male facial follicles respond vigorously to testosterone, the sex hormone found abundant in men, so that solves our puzzle why men have a beard and women do not. 

Apart from the evolutionary perspective, why do you suppose men grow beards? Is it vanity, dominance, male pride or something entirely different that compels some men to grow and keep beards? A number of studies reveal that women find men with beards to be stronger, maturer and sturdier than their non-bearded counterparts. Moreover, beards may have evolved partly to help men boost their standing among other men.

It is found that 28% of males grow their manes to look better. From designer stubble to hipster beards, from neatly-clipped to full-blown beards, we see more and more men paying more and more attention to their appearance. Looking better, older, and stronger gives bearded men an edge over clean-shaved ones, especially when they are angling for partners. As the number of marriageable women decreased, men with beard and moustache increased subsequently.

Throughout the animal kingdom, we have seen that the dominant male (the lions for example, with their impressive manes) enjoys more mating opportunities. The bearded men tend to have an advantage in perceived dominance. Men with beards, allegorically speaking, can intimidate other suitors to step aside and have them take the beautiful girl home instead.

For all the evolutionary reasons that men have beards, growing one comes down to very personal reasons after all. Not all men grow beards, and those who do may have entirely contrasting reasons. While some think that women are turned off by baby faces and grow beards to look older to potential partners, others might be following fashion trends and want to look hip and handsome to attract attention. Still others keep beards as part of their culture, but whatever the reasons are, beards are a sure way to help men stand out in the crowd.

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